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Beyond Hands and Clay: How Our Clay Creativity Workshop Breaks the Mold


A participant shows off his clay art.

CLAY MEANS PLAY and that is probably always true for kids. It didn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that we had real fun time with children from an international school who joined us in our clay creativity workshop last April 1, 2014.

“It was like playing in the beach,” says Idaho, one of the playful kids who kept kneading a lump of clay in his hands—his face betraying a nostalgic thought; his mind was obviously far off wandering.

Though Idaho won’t say much, it spoke volume about the value of what we’re doing; maybe pointing to the fact that our creativity workshop offers a unique journey; an experience that, though simple, has the power to transform. But while the activity inspired a recall of good memories for participants like Idaho, some found a chance to reconnect to their past.

“I always love clay art. I just stopped doing it two years ago,” says Johsen, who admits she’d been to San Pablo before. “It’s just nice to visit the place. At least, I was able play with clay again,” she adds.

Amidst occasional laughter and bantering, the kids later came up with interesting figures—a varied set of sculpted clays that were made out of inspirations and turned out to be real clay storytellers.

“It’s a version of my mother,” says a little girl, unmindful of naughty teasing between fellow participants beside her—one holding what he says the “King of Spain” while the other proudly displaying a greenish mold of clay which he adamantly defends as a version of himself. It may be funny, but utterly heartwarming. It reminds you of those simple moments when the trivial turns out memorable.

Indeed, the kids exceeded much of our expectations. With the display of their combined creativity and innocence, we found new inspiration. At the very least, the whole experience affirmed our resolve for doing what we do at Casa San Pablo—that the molding part extends beyond the hands and clay.

Please check out the pictures below for a peek on this event. For more Casa San Pablo updates, you can visit our Facebook page.

Our innkeeper Ms. An Mercado-Alcantara orients our young guests prior to the activity.
The kids observe as our innkeeper Ms. An Mercado-Alcantara demonstrates the proper way of doing the activity.
Our innkeeper Ms. An Mercado-Alcantara shows the kids the right way to paint their sculpted clays.
The kids while busy coloring their clays.
The kids during the clay painting activity.
Another view of our young participants during the clay coloring activity.
A teacher observes as our young guests paint their clay art.
A group of kids while completely engrossed in their work.
Another group of participants who looks too occupied.
Our young guests share their experience with a teacher.
Two teachers observe as the kids share their experiences.
A group of kids during the sharing session.
A group of kids during the sharing session as viewed from a distance.
A young participant while putting the final touches on her work.
One of our young participants still engrossed in his art.
Another participant while putting his own final touches.
A girl participant just after she finished her work.
A boy also makes his final touches.
Another participant thinks of adding more elements to her clay artwork.
A young participants plays with colors while waiting for others to finish their works.
The creative clay output by our young guests.
Some of the cute storyteller dolls made by our young guests,
A set of cute storyteller dolls created by our young guests.
Another set of cute clay artworks made by our young guests.