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THE QUESTION CAME OUT of nowhere, asked by a good friend, a Casa San Pablo regular, in fact. "Do you blog?" I had been asked that question many times before and usually I have a quick answer: "Not often enough." But maybe because he asked so earnestly, I had to pause before throwing out my usual defense line.

Truth is, I don't really think I blog. A blogger has to be consistent, blogs have to be frequent and fresh. Without these, then one is just a writer (perhaps a fairly good one) but without the burning drive and discipline bloggers need to keep their stories coming. For sure, I have many stories to tell. My days as innkeeper, clay artisan, and foodie are full of wonderful moments deserving to be remembered and shared. I savor these moments when they happen, create every intention to blog about it, but am pulled away from the digital page by other moments—some exciting, others dreary—and the fear that nobody will really care to read anyway. 

"Why do you ask?" I threw back at my frequent guest.

"Because you worked in magazines, because you have interesting stories to tell," he said. "And because people who have been to Casa San Pablo want to stay in touch with your story."

I didn't expect that third line. It is a powerful realization. When we welcome guests to Casa San Pablo, we take the time to open conversations—listen to our guests' stories and share our own. The swap of stories certainly continue for Boots and I, who love it when we make a connection with our guests. But I didn't realize that the conversation goes on for our guests as well. Even when they have checked out, there is a need to stay in the conversation with Casa San Pablo. I think that is special. It is a gift we have overlooked.

So, here I am, attempting to blog, to keep the conversation and bond alive. Until we meet again.

Blogging at the verandah.