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Lovely Month of May


All around the house, flower beds were an explosion of color.

THE RAIN POURED right before dawn, a refreshing burst of coolness after a rather warm night. When the sun peeped out, our garden burst into life. I was barely awake, but the view from our window lured me out of bed and out the front door. Still in my night clothes, I took a stroll, unable to resist the morning colors. Our lawn was an inviting yellow green carpet and all around the house, the flower beds were an explosion of dainty colors.  Outside my pottery barn, a humming bird sucked nectar from hanging yellow flowers, while a sparrow created a nest in the nearby trellis. I relished the opportunity to see life as it arises, to be an observer of the little lives that revolve around flowering plants, and to be mesmerized by nature's color palette. 

I stopped before this vase and discovered a micro world: big red ants marched along the rim and a bee zipped around.
I am inspired to paint this as a pattern: a drop of magenta at the center of blush pink petals.
Notice the striped bee resting on the lovely lavender milflores.
Like dainty slippers in elegant violet with yellow accents.