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Meralco's Internal Audit Department Takes the CSP Native Cooking Tour


WHAT I LIKE the most about our native cooking tours is the opportunity to learn from our participants. Coconut cooking is so deeply entrenched in our culture that many of our participants have had their own unique and nostalgic experiences with gata cooking. I appreciate the active swap of stories when participants from different regions of the Philippines tell me how they do their own coconut dishes. When the Meralco Internal Audit Department came to do the native cooking tour, there was a delightful exhange of insights — how some people like the gata cooked slowly and with patience so that it gets to the point that it is thick and oily, how in Bicol adobong manok sa gata is cooked as adobong puti first before gata is added with sili, and how pinaltok is judged by the thickness of its sauce. Thank you members of the Meralco Internal Audit team for sharing your thoughts with us.

Taking the team through the edible stages of a young coconut
Demonstrating how to cook adobong manok sa gata
Now on their turn to cook their take on pinaltok. This team turns the bilo-bilo into little mocha balls stuffed with langka