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Dreaming of Weddings At Casa San Pablo


Creating a mini Casa San Pablo at wedding fairs
Ready to foster a connection with couples interested in Casa San Pablo

WE ARE NEW TO country weddings and newbies in the wedding industry. Prodded mostly by guests who, over the years, have asked us if they could have their wedding at Casa San Pablo, we ventured into it rather timidly at first. We were selective; wanting to take in couples whom we sensed understood our quirky, country aesthetic and shared the vision for intimately scaled, down-to-earth weddings. To our surprise, we found there are many, in fact, who are choosing precisely this homey, low-key yet charming appeal. So we’ve now gone beyond timid and have gone out to town to show the world what we are about. We’re joining wedding fairs—three now since the start of the year—beckoning to couples who looking for a place just like ours for their wedding.

We had no idea how huge an undertaking planning for a wedding has become these days. At the wedding fairs we have participated in, we see couples who are harassed, pressured, and pressed in by the numerous options and decisions they face. But in the crush of brides and grooms, there are those who know exactly what they want and find a match for it in our booth. Because we created a miniature version of our inn and we send our best brand ambassadors—folk art pieces, vintage books, rustic furniture—when they walk into our booth, some of them feel an instant connection, a kindred spirit of place.


 There is something so magical about this connection, we like to nurture it from the get-go by inviting them to come over to San Pablo, Laguna, spend the night even, just so they can confirm for themselves if this is, indeed, the place where they’d like to begin their new life together. And several couples have come, and have found that, indeed, our home is where the longing of their heart is.

At the wedding fairs, we try to represent the best of Casa San Pablo. We built a facade just like the one we have in Laguna.
We style the wedding receptions at Casa San Pablo, so the couple doesn't have to worry about getting a stylist.
It is quite an undertaking to set up a booth with all the elements of a Casa San Pablo wedding, but well worth the effort.