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Fostering Teamwork Through Native Cooking


IT WAS AN outdoor adventure, a fishing trip, a cooking competition, and a teambuilding activity all rolled into one. When Greenwich Corporation came to Casa San Pablo for their  Operations Summit, with participants coming from all over the Philippines, they were treated to a memorable immersion into the native San Pablo culinary experience.

The adventure began with an early morning trek to Lake Pandin, the best preserved of San Pablo's seven lakes. They came to the lake with a mission: to catch fresh water shrimp and bakuli, both of which would be the main ingredients for the day's lunch. There were five teams competing for the most catch. They had two bamboo rafts for each team: a big one for the team and a smaller one for the chosen team member who would gather the shrimps from the baskets. Teams spent 20 minutes getting the most that they could and then made their way back to the shore for the next leg of the teambuilding activity.

Back at Casa San Pablo, the mechanics of the cooking competition was given to the participants. They only had an hour and a half to cook Ginataang Hipon, Pritong Bakuli, and Pinaputok na tilapia. They were to use their catch as well as the ingredients found in talipapa set up near their native cooking stations.

But first, they had to prepare the gata, one of San Pablo's favorite ingredients. The teams had a friendly race at the kudkuran. The team that finished grating three whole coconuts first got the highest points.

With their ingredients complete, the teams leaped into action, harnessing their resourcefulness, unity, and innate leadership skills. The results were amazing. The teams displayed impressive creativity in the way they prepared the dishes, as well as professionalism as many of them created their own process flow, and kept their work areas clean.

We were most impressed by the delicious dishes they prepared as well as the team qualities they exhibited. Looking forward to more adventures with Greenwich.