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OUTSIDE THE SANTO KRISTO Church in San Juan, Metro Manila, where we live when we are not in San Pablo City, I have a suki flower vendor. I found her almost twenty years ago selling right outside the century-old church walls, her pails of flowers flushed against the wrought iron grills. I was captivated by the gorgeous colors—yellow and pink gerberas, white lilies, deep red roses, and delicate baby's breath. Her stall was makeshift, everything is taken down at night and set up again in the morning, but she picked out flowers for customers with the tenderness and fastidiousness of a high-brow florist. She handled the flowers delicately, inserting greens around them, gently holding the stems together with a swirl of thin wire, and then elegantly cloaking them with a light wrapping paper. She would then hand the bouquet to me with a slight bow, as if I was a queen. Every encounter with her lifted my spirits.

I pay tribute to her and our 20-year suki bond through this storyteller doll retablo called Bulaklakan. Made from terra-cotta clay painted with acryclic, the tableau is only 4" x 5". It is still a work in progress. I will eventually put it inside a retablo and it will have three windows on the retablo doors. 

Casa San Pablo Storyteller dolls depict scenes and characters in small Filipino hometowns. 

Hand-painted with acrylic paint
Fresh out of the kiln, terracotta bulaklakan
My suki of 20-years, a bulaklakan in San Juan