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Staying True to Our Roots


SUNDAY AFTERNOONS, WHEN all our weekend guests have checked out, are quiet times at Casa San Pablo. This is when the staff comes together to learn from each other about what our guests' need and what we can do better for them. We look forward to these sessions, not only because these are opportunities to check quality and align goals, but also because the meetings are usually fun  and marked by encouraging camaraderie.

On the agenda yesterday was a review of our menu. It's half way through the year, the end of the summer season, so we felt it was a good time to see what we could do better. I hunkered down with the kusineros Edward and Emer, and frontliners Ronnie and Sheila, to review every dish and dish combinations. There was brutal honesty and good humor. We had the following guidelines in mind: Did the dish live up to our guests expectations of home-style cooking? Are we serving it in a manner that is true to our San Pablo roots? How can we improve on the dishes? What nostalgia stories are evoked by our food?

We took away the humdrum dishes and highlighted the favorites. And then we presented the revised menu sets to the expert on Inay's cooking—Boots, of course! We felt like we were on the TV show "Master Chef" or "Chopped" as Boots asked the kusineros and I to defend every dish and menu combinations. His barometer he said was simple: "Kailangan kinuwento pa lang naglalaway na ako." And indeed that's what happened. Naglaway kaming lahat.


Presenting our menu to the expert on our Inay's cooking — Boots, of course!