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Our inn is the base or stopover point for tours of San Pablo and parts further south in Laguna and Quezon.

Our Casa San Pablo Native Cooking Tour Schedule


WHAT'S COOKING at Casa San Pablo? Get a glimpse of the coconut module of our Native Cooking Tour, taken on video by Walter Villa. Join us on this unique tour soon.

2013-2014 Tour Schedule

Casa San Pablo Native Cooking Tour: Coconut Module

Our native cooking tour is a delightful way to get to know our heritage. You get to know much about a place by what they cook. Discover what coconut plantation life is like by trying out our cooking techniques and learning where our ingredients come from.

Casa San Pablo Native Cooking Tour: Lake Pandin Module


OUR NATIVE COOKING TOUR is a delightful way to get to know our heritage. You get to know much about a place by what they cook. Discover the bounty of fresh water fish from our seven lakes and experience how these are caught. 

Appetite Magazine Rediscovers Coconut Charm at Casa San Pablo


THE COCONUT CHARM brought Appetite over.

That was probably the case when a cheerful foodie group from Appetite Magazine of One Mega Group Inc. visited us recently for a taste and hands-on cooking of native San Pablo cuisines.

Capital One Execs Hold Native Cooking Tour at Casa San Pablo


WE HAD A GREAT TIME HOSTING a coconut native cooking tour for a group of HR executives of Capital One Financial Corporation last May 29, 2014. It was a fun, informative experience which we hope our guests from the bank holding company found meaningful.

Why Join Our Holy Week Tour


AS WE GEAR UP FOR THE upcoming Season of Lent, we thought, through our Holy Week Tour, we can share once again a unique Holy Week experience to groups or families who, while not too keen on getting too far out of Manila, wish to relax and enjoy the season's reflective, spiritual mood in a traditional, rural way.

Tourism Students Come for a Culinary Encounter at Casa San Pablo


WHILE UNIVERSITY OF the Cordilleras' Laguna experiential tourlast March 20, 2014 allowed us to display Casa San Pablo’s trademark hospitality, it also gave us an opportunity to share to a young audience a unique part of our culinary tradition.

German Family Tries Out The Casa San Pablo Native Cooking Tour


"ALL DESIGNED OBJECTS, WHETHER conceived by an architect, artist, or designer tells a story." This was the premise of the vintage design-appreciation tour conducted by innkeeper/clay artisan An Mercado-Alcantara at Casa San Pablo for 40 interior design students from Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technologies October 3, 2013.

Kulinarya Tagala: Food Tour of Quezon Kicks Off At Casa San Pablo


CASA SAN PABLO IS now part of the Kulinarya Tagala food tour. Although it is an exploration of Quezon through the native dishes served in the province, Casa San Pablo in San Pablo City, Laguna, was chosen as first stop before the tour enters Quezon proper.

Meralco's Internal Audit Department Takes the CSP Native Cooking Tour


WHAT I LIKE the most about our native cooking tours is the opportunity to learn from our participants. Coconut cooking is so deeply entrenched in our culture that many of our participants have had their own unique and nostalgic experiences with gata cooking.