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Banquet Themes

Classic Gold Wedding

GOTHIC CATHEDRAL WINDOWS provide a stunning backdrop to this elegant wedding theme.  A romantic touch is created with soft country tones of old rose and gentle pink against distressed vintage gold. Silk blooms are arranged in off white porcelain vases while taupe napkins rest on salmon pink dishes.

Organic Oasis Theme

ELEGANT GREEN TOPIARIES and moss covered faux stones are the eye-catching accents of this wedding theme, creating an attractive organic motif. Simple black and white striped table runners and dainty yellow silk flowers provide refreshing highlights to the centerpieces.

Country Chic Theme

BOUQUETS OF WILDFLOWERS create a relaxed festive atmosphere in this Country Chic wedding theme. It is the perfect choice for brides and grooms who are hoping to have a beautiful yet laid-back celebration under simple yet elegant white tents. You may add your own personal touches to make this theme truly your own.

Tuscan-Inspired Wedding

THE QUAINT AND rustic feel of the Tuscan countryside is the inspiration for this relaxed wedding theme. The setting highlights the colors of Italian farmlands like golds, bright yellows, lavender, powder blue, and deep greens.

Blue And White Wedding

Our signature banquet theme for a blue and white wedding: It draws its charm from blue and white chinoiserie--from plates and bowls, to whimsical porcelain figurines--that decorate the tables. Classic white frangipani and sweet powder blue forget-me-nots from our gardens give the settings a relaxed allure. Add your own personal touches to make this theme truly your own.

Bountiful Wedding

Our signature banquet theme for a bountiful wedding: The decor plays on the idea of an abundant farm harvest. Miniature Lucban-crafted market baskets are bursting with bouganvilla blooms, papier mache chickens (traditional fertility symbols) sit on nests of bright red eggs. Depending on the season, robust vegetables are included in the spread. Gas lanterns lend a romantic touch to the setting.

Folk Art Wedding

Our signature banquet theme featuring Laguna folk art: Built around the magic of indigenous crafts from small towns around Laguna, a whimsical atmosphere is created by terracotta dolls painted in bright colors, papier mache horses, and tiny palayok with clay fruits. Colored wine bottles hold vibrant red torch ginger flowers and bright yellow golden shower blossoms from our garden.

Hacienda Wedding

Our signature banquet theme for a Hacienda Wedding: It plays on beige and neutral tones against dark hard wood and lush greens. Romantic white candles inside chic beige hurricane lamps or on top of carved wood candelabras make for charming centerpieces. Ferns, palm leaves and blossoms are accent pieces to this stylish spread. Add your own personal touches to make this theme truly your own.