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Our Clay Storytellers Christmas Catalogue


WE ARE DELIGHTED to share with you our Christmas Catalogue. If there's anything you find interesting, just email us at We will send you our prices and help you order.

CATALOGUE: Tableaux Series


OUR TABLEAUX SERIES, which mostly features Christ’s nativity scene, pays homage to our great Christmas tradition and presents a figurative depiction of the ordinary, but beautiful things that make Filipino Christmas more joyous, distinctive, and meaningful. This coming Christmas, surprise your friends and loved ones with any of these beautiful storytellers.

CATALOGUE: Santita Maria Series


OUR SANTITA MARIA SERIES features miniature clay figures of Mary’s venerated images, which include the Our Lady of the Retreat in the Cenacle, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of the Rosary, and Our Lady of Manoag.

CATALOGUE: Santa Maria Wood Slab Series


OUR SANTA MARIA WOOD SLAB SERIES features the Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Our Lady of Lipa—each rested on a slab of wood salvaged from our generation-old trees uprooted by Typhoon Glenda last July. Both the storytellers depict scenes narrated from the venerated Marian apparitions and were crafted to express our shared faithful devotion to the Blessed Mother.

CATALOGUE: Santa Maria Tablet Series


THE SANTA MARIA TABLET SERIES, which features different devotional images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, recalls the folksy, faith-based elements behind our inherently unique Marian devotion.

Beyond Hands and Clay: How Our Clay Creativity Workshop Breaks the Mold


CLAY MEANS PLAY and that is probably always true for kids. It didn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that we had real fun time with children from an international school who joined us in our clay creativity workshop last April 1, 2014.

Casa San Pablo Clay Storytellers Catalogue Released


OUR CASA SAN PABLO clay storytellers are now available beyond our clay barn. If you've seen our storytellers on your visit to San Pablo but didn't get to bring one home, here's your chance to have one. We now have an on-line catalogue and we offer delivery within Metro Manila. Just browse through our catalogue and see which one you like.

CATALOGUE: Kuwento de Kahon


WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT living in San Pablo is I am surrounded by storytellers. My in-laws are gifted storytellers—they act out scenes, choose the juiciest details, give dramatic lilt, and throw unexpected punchlines. Ever since i got to know their family, I've been interested in capturing the stories they tell.

How To Own A Casa San Pablo Clay Storyteller


WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR OWN Casa San Pablo clay storyteller? Our  storytellers are available at Casa San Pablo but if you're not coming our way anytime soon, you can order by phone or email and we will deliver to you.

Pasko Na!


WHEN I IMAGINE that first Christmas night, I like to imagine that Jesus was born in a Filipino barn where among his companions would be goats, pigs, chicken, and maybe even a curious little mouse. My mother used to put up a rustic belen when we were kids and I remember being so fascinated by the little animals that surrounded the Holy Family.