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Spend Holy Week at Casa San Pablo


Palm Sunday Procession at Casa San Pablo
Try our Good Friday Procession Tour
Our Casa San Pablo Clay Storytellers will be on display and for sale all week

Holy Week is a vibrant and meaningful time in San Pablo, Laguna. It is a good time to visit and experience the rich traditions of folk Catholicism that are still alive and well-preserved in our town. Our Lenten processions are famous for their ornate pageantry with exquisitely carved life-size statues depicting the passion and death of Christ. Visitors flock to the beautiful churches around Laguna de Bay and then eventually make their way up to the mountains of San Pablo. If you want to spend your Holy Week immersed in Filipino Lenten traditions, come to Casa San Pablo. We will help you make the most of your experience. Here are suggested activities:


Maundy Thursday

Embark on the traditional Visita Iglesia, tracing churches around Laguna de Bay. When you book with us, we will send you a recommended guide to the churches. It includes directions, historical notes, and interesting side trips. The itinerary can take you from Manila to San Pablo. If you will explore from San Pablo, you can simply reverse the itinerary. 

The San Pablo Cathedral is being wonderfully restored by Escuela Taller, already you can see the fruits of their work. Our cathedral would be a good start or end to your Visita Iglesia. 

At 4 PM, we will have a Palaspas-making workshop where you and your kids can try your hand at the folk tradition of weaving coconut leaves into the Lenten palaspas and other traditional shapes. P500 per head.

Good Friday

We will take you on the famous Good Friday procession of San Pablo City. The best and most beautiful karosas are brought out by prominent families of San Pablo and taken on solemn parade down the main avenue. We will identify strategic spots for you to wait and also provide you with historical notes. Click here for the tour description. Tour is P1,200 per head.

Black Saturday

We will spend the evening with an outdoor movie, out in the lawn with hammock and banig to relax in. Click here to see how we set up our gardens for last February's movie.

Easter Sunday

We will have our traditional Easter Egg hunt at Casa San Pablo. Eggs will be hidden all over the pine tree lawn. Children can participate in the joy of the hunt. P500 per head

Casa San Pablo Clay Storytellers

All through out Holy Week, our Casa San Pablo clay storytellers will be on display and for sale. We will also have a DIY corner where you and your kids can try your hand at painting small clay figures. Click here to find out more about our clay storytellers.

Viaje del Sol

We will gladly provide you with road guides to our Viaje del Sol partners who will be accepting guests during the Holy Week break. We are only a few minutes away from PatisTito Garden Cafe, Sulyap Gallery CafeCafe LagoUgu Bigyan's Pottery Garden, Sitio de AmorForest Wood, and Pandin Lake.