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Rain or Shine


The weather was fickle. All day it would drizzle then stop, drizzle then stop. We set out our tables, laid out the jute sack runners, and arranged all the flowers hours before the reception, but then fine rain would descend silently, in fact, sweetly. So we would rush out gather everything up again—jute sacks, flowers, plates and cutlery. Then we’d wait for the gentle rain to tip toe away so we could wipe up after it and set up all over again.

We did this mad rush several times, teased by the rain and then cajoled by the sun. With barely enough time before the wedding, Sheila (our miracle worker wedding coordinator) spoke frankly to the bride and groom. She told them they would have to shift to Plan B and move the wedding reception to the dining hall so that we could do a final set up. But the couple would not give up. They had prayed so hard for the weather to cooperate, they were very sure it would let up for them somehow. The only concession they gave in to was to send off to the nearest 24-hour convenience store to buy 30 umbrellas for their guests and entourage. That’s all.

A few minutes before the bride walked down the grassy aisle strewn with petals and dried leaves, the clouds cleared, an afternoon breeze ushered in the dusk giving way to a cool magical evening.

Thank you Patrick and Christine for showing us how powerful prayers can hold off the rain.