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CATALOGUE: Santa Maria Tablet Series


THE SANTA MARIA TABLET SERIES, which features different devotional images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, recalls the folksy, faith-based elements behind our inherently unique Marian devotion. While popular, external practices of Marian piety are integral in the understanding of our narrative as a nation of believers, our more personal, expressive intimacy with “Mama Mary,” as we Filipinos affectionately call her, is what unites our individual stories of faith and essentially mirrors our natural love for our mothers—our first storytellers, just as Mary probably was to the child Jesus. We fervently hope that this particular storyteller series would inspire you in some ways as you continue to honor and embrace Mary as mother, friend, and heavenly intercessor.

Details and Dimensions:

Hand-pinched; hand-painted (acrylic)

Distressed wood box: 13" x 9 1/2" x 1

Price: P5,350


Our Lady of Lipa
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Nuestra Senora de Soledad
Our Lady of Rosary
Flores de Mayo
Our Lady of Sorrows of Turumba