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WEDDING INSPIRATIONS: Steve and Karla Wedding Reception


THEY ARRIVED IN THE PHILIPPINES from the United States only a few days before the wedding, but having availed of the Casa San Pablo Worry-Free package, Karla was relieved to see most of the wedding details had been handled. All she needed to do was to add her personal touches to the event. And oh, what a wonderful job she did making their wedding truly unique and reflective of their personalities. Get inspiration from six of their most wonderful ideas.

1 Cocktails at the Garden. Now, of course, many weddings today wedge in cocktails between the ceremony and the dinner reception, but let's admit it, cocktails don't work for everybody because mingling does not always come easy. It worked really well for Karla and Steve's wedding because their guest list was so carefully handpicked that the chemistry clicked. People were genuinely eager to chat and to mix with each other.
2 A Delightful Mixed Drinks Bar. Karla invited her good friend Louella, a truly creative mixologist to put together an exciting drinks bar. Knowing that she would have to please experienced hard drinkers as well as alcohol-shy guests, Louella created drink combinations with catchy names that clued the guest into the buzz level of the drink: "Virgin" for a non-alcoholic mint and citrus mix, "Lady" for a drink with a mild kick to it, and "Tramp" for those ready to party the night away. What made the bar so popular was Louella's easy banter and infectious enthusiasm.
3 Par Avion Place Cards. Not only were Karla and Steve from opposite ends of the world, many of their friends and family flew in from different parts of the globe to be at the wedding. To highlight the power of cross-boundary love and friendship, they made place cards with airmail design elements.
4 Get Your Friends to Help. These adorable paper planes made with beautiful graphics craft paper, were folded and assembled by Steve's and Karla's friends the eve of the wedding at the Casa San Pablo veranda. The D.i.Y. session made for such a fun bonding session among friends and family. The high spirits carried on to the following day and all throughout the wedding.
5 Have a Special Table for Your Little Guests. It's a really thoughtful touch and helps not only the kids feel welcome to the party but also give their parents some space to enjoy the party as well without hovering over the kids. At this wedding, the kids had so much fun, they even came up with their own dance to entertain the crowd.
6 Dance! Dance! Dance! It's your party and you'll dance if you want to. That's what Steve and Karla did. No hemming and hawing here, they attacked the dance floor with gusto and got everyone dancing as well. What a riot of fun it was.