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Capital One Execs Hold Native Cooking Tour at Casa San Pablo


WE HAD A GREAT TIME HOSTING a coconut native cooking tour for a group of HR executives of Capital One Financial Corporation last May 29, 2014. It was a fun, informative experience which we hope our guests from the bank holding company found meaningful.

The tour, which started with a mini-lecture, provided our guests with a background on the history of the coconut industry in San Pablo. A walking tour inside our coconut plantation also allowed our guests to taste and learn about the different edible stages of the coconut. A little rest afterwards was spiced up with a treat of buko pie which we served while our guests were watching a video presentation on San Pablo native cooking. A cooking demonstration of gata-based dishes came up next after the merienda, but the real highlight of the day was the hands-on cooking. Assisted by our kusineros and innkeeper Ms. An Mercado-Alcantara, the game Capital One executives gladly tried out cooking gate-based cuisines which were later served along with our delicious buffet treat.

Providing culture-oriented activities like the culinary tour never fails to take us back to our roots and inspire us to keep sharing an important part of our culinary heritage. Our native cooking activity is meant to be a cultural journey and we really appreciate how our gracious guests from Capital One gladly took a full-immersion experience of our coconut-centric culinary tradition.

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