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“Small Town, Big Tourism” a Key Message on Casa San Pablo's Teaching Module for Tourism


Our innkeeper Ms. An Mercado-Alcantara during her lecture about rural tourism.

“SMALL TOWN, BIG TOURISM—this is the trend today,” says our innkeeper An Mercado-Alcantara during her lecture on sustainable tourism to more than a hundred tourism students from the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management of the University of the Cordilleras. The group visited Casa San Pablo for their Laguna experiential tourlast March 20-21, 2014, as part their Tourism Planning for Sustainable Destinations and Development activities.

The lecture we hosted was part of our teaching module on sustainable tourism, which we prepared to help the students deepen their understanding and appreciation of rural tourism. It gives emphasis on how small towns like San Pablo practice a model of tourism based on local traditions and heritage. Our clay creativity workshop and cooking demo also serve to bring home this point. Through these activities, we were able to give our guests genuine inputs from the ground level—a first-hand experience of authentic and culinary tourism that we practice at Casa San Pablo.

It was a great experience interacting with our student guests from the University of the Cordilleras. While it greatly inspires us to see how they made the effort to visit us, it inspires us even more to know that our tourism practice brought them to our home.

“We were looking for something different,” says Mark Jeffrey Sison, a photography instructor at the University of the Cordilleras. Mr. Sison was member of the original student-faculty group that drafted the sustainable tourism plan which focuses on Laguna destinations. When the project was awarded by the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio, it jumpstarted their tours to Casa San Pablo, and we really appreciate them for always coming back.

We thank you University of the Cordilleras for making us part of your learning journey. Ours is a meaningful encounter—simply one of those stories about friends that we’ll always be proud to share.

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The students while watching our innkeeper's presentation about sustainable tourism.
A view of the students attentively listening to the tourism lecture.
Our innkeeper Ms. An Mercado-Alcantara while stressing a point to the students during the lecture.
The students while watching our short video about Casa San Pablo.
The attentive students while listening to the lecture.