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WEDDING INSPIRATIONS: Mickey and Veron's Wedding


THE TASTEFUL CHOICE OF colors really gave Mickey and Veron's wedding at Casa San Pablo a chic and elegant appeal. Using the trend du jour of Tiffany blue as their base color, they went for the warm contrast of orange to pair with it, and then kept everything else neutral and streamlined. They kept the table center pieces to a minimum, avoided busy patterns and decorations, to allow the colors to come through beautifully, effortlessly. Working closely with our Casa San Pablo wedding team, the couple did many things for their wedding with the same studied restraint, resulting in a comfortable and confident stylishness. Here are some ideas you may be inspired by.

Stylish Idea 1: Instead of a dreary computer print out of table assignments, lists were playfully laid out and put in dainty frames which were tied to trees at the entrance to the garden reception. Guests had fun looking for their names.
Stylish Idea 2: The table decor were up cycled bottles — soda bottles, wide-mouthed jars, four-cornered whiskey bottles, and flasks coated with Tiffany blue paint. To keep things simple, they used only orange blooms and had only one accent piece: a miniature street lamp stained with antique blue.
Stylish Idea 3: The couple chose not to have a presidential table. Instead, the bride and the groom sat among their closest friends, while the principal sponsors were thoughtfully seated among friends and family.
Stylish Idea 4: They invited kids to their wedding, so they wanted to be sure they would be as thoughtfully taken cared of as the adults were. On the kids' table were colouring books, pens, crayons, and bubble makers.
Stylish Idea 5: Festoon lights, hanging above the tables, defined the reception area and gave the evening a playful atmosphere.