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WEDDING INSPIRATIONS: Marvin and Becca's Wedding


SIMPLE AND HEARTFELT TOUCHES can make a wedding truly unique and memorable. Recent Casa San Pablo newlyweds Marvin and Becca successfully pulled off some stand out decor ideas with the help of their close friends who pitched in on almost all aspects of their wedding preparations. Our Casa San Pablo team collaborated with them to help bring out their creative ideas. Here are some of our favorites.

CUTE TOUCH 1: The groom and bride place cards were done in heritage fonts reflecting the 1920s era (consistent with the Great Gatsby theme of their wedding). It is amazing how a simple choice of fonts can create the tone of the wedding. In this case, a playful, tongue-in-cheek elegance was evoked.
CUTE TOUCH 2: Their love story told through a list of dates scribbled on a chalkboard and propped up on the token gifts table. What a lovely way to get your guests to know you better.
CUTE TOUCH 3: Organic gifts are all in vogue these days. Our couple chose to give pure honey in clear bottles tucked into sinamay pouches. The idea works not only because honey is a metaphor for the purity and sweetness of their union but also because the golden hue of the honey against light is just so pretty.
CUTE TOUCH 4: Find your name on the tree, a playful way to inform your guests of their table assignments. The name cards were alphabetically arranged to make it easier for gets to find their names.
CUTE TOUCH 5: Words of wisdom, well wishes, and marital advise, were written with silver ink over black cards and decked out on tables. The personal touch generated positive energies and hopes for the bride and groom.
CUTE TOUCH 6: An imported Nissan Cube is a witty choice for a bridal car, alluding of course to the shape of the 1920s coupe and giving a contemporary twist to their Great Gatsby wedding theme.