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Casa San Pablo's Junior Innkeeper Launches a Green Project


Junior innkeeper Diego teaches the staff how to segregate trash

EVERYBODY SHOULD GET involved in making sure that our planet stays green. This is what Casa San Pablo junior innkeeper, Diego Alcantara, believes. He has launched a waste segregation campaign for staff and guests of Casa San Pablo. The idea is to get everyone involved in making sure that trash don't end up in land fills that could pollute our surroundings, our rivers, and even the air.

He began his campaign by writing a letter to guests requesting them to be mindful of their trash during their stay at Casa San Pablo. He asked them to segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste by putting these in properly identified waste bins. He also created a recycling center where non-biodegradable trash will be sorted and used in the Casa San Pablo Junk Art Garden. For biodegradable trash, he researched on the use of worms for decomposing trash and turning it into compost. He even went to Los Baños Forest Club where they practice vermiculture so that he can learn how to do it and so he could source worms from them. Together with our gardeners, they identified areas for composting in our gardens.

Diego is 12 years old and is a grade 6 student at Multiple Intelligence International School where students are encouraged to take on projects that can make a difference in their communities. This is called the MI Kids Can Project. 

We do hope that while you are staying with us, you can do your share to make his project a success.

Diego giving a lecture about the benefits
A group picture with the staff after the training
Diego helps set up an area for recyclable trash
Pointing out the compost pit for biodegradable trash