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WEDDING INSPIRATIONS: Some of the Best Ideas of 2013


AS WE GEAR UP FOR ALL the weddings lined up for 2014, each one of them promising to be unique and memorable. we'd like to share some of the ideas we liked most from the wedding receptions we hosted last year. 


Hanging On Your Every Word: From the mangosteen tree at the center of our courtyard, a couple added hanging words of endearment along with photos of their romance in rustic picture frames.
Hunger Soothing Stop: One couple set up a chicheria bar right at the entrance to the garden. It had cheese curls, small cookies, and cornicks. It was a perfect first stop for guests hungry from the road trip to San Pablo, and it also set the tone for the wedding—simple joys, nostalgia, and laid back fun.
Photographs and Memories: We set up a rustic fence and decorated it with old wine bottles and flowers for a couple who wanted to tell the story of their romance through photos. The photos were hung on hemp rope crisscrossing the fens and attached with wood clothes pins.
Lovey Dovey Seat: Our in-house wedding coordinator Sheila surprised us with this pink number. We agreed to it sight unseen simply because she told us she had fallen in love with it and that we would, too. It has since been the scene stealer at wedding receptions.
Long View Down The Table: It is de rigeur to have a long table for the bride and groom and the principal sponsors but what we love about this set up is the long bare pine wood table. It gave this wedding an intimate relaxed ambience despite the number of people at the table.
Small and Intimate: One couple chose to keep things really cozy by arranging smaller tables for the ninongs and ninangs so that they had more time to get to know each other and mingle.
Pullling The Colors Together: Casa San Pablo flower arrangements are throw-in-the-vase affairs, nothing to elaborate. We like to keep things relaxed. For this couple, we chose wild flowers in shades of pink and lavender to echo their motif.
White Whimsy: The gazebo was the centrepiece of this wedding reception at our courtyard. White drapes and lush white blooms create a dream-like effect. Even lovelier at night.