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A Family Tour of San Pablo's Seven Lakes


WE'RE ALWAYS THRILLED to meet families who are eager to the take off-the-beaten paths to experience and learn about our country. The Yap family, returnees to Casa San Pablo, came back to explore San Pablo's seven lakes as well as the soak up simple country life. A well-traveled family, who have chalked up many miles abroad, they also make it a point to have their children appreciate the Filipino way of life, constantly challenging them to discern what they can do for their country.

The tour of the seven lakes was an eye opener for them as they saw the beauty of Pandin Lake, still pristine and supported by a vibrant and vigilant community, as well as the other lakes that are ecologically-challenged, affected by pollution and poverty. We were impressed at how the teenagers relished the experience, despite the varying conditions, and how they tried to learn from what they saw. 

The Casa San Pablo tour began with a lecture on the origins and the folk-lore surrounding the lakes. We were accompanied by environmental advocate Arvin Carandang who talked to them about the health of each lake. Additionally, we had two Red Cross volunteers who looked after their safety. Highlights of the tour was lunch on a raft at Lake Pandin and merienda of suman at Cafe Lago by the shore of Sampalok Lake.

Thank you Yap Family for taking a tour of San Pablo's Lakes and spending your family getaway at Casa San Pablo.