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Kulinarya Tagala: Food Tour of Quezon Kicks Off At Casa San Pablo


Innkeeper An Mercado-Alcantara leads the coconut cooking tour as part of Kulinarya Tagala
Tina Decal, founder and food tour pioneer, and innkeeper An discuss the wonders of coconuts

CASA SAN PABLO IS now part of the Kulinarya Tagala food tour. Although it is an exploration of Quezon through the native dishes served in the province, Casa San Pablo in San Pablo City, Laguna, was chosen as first stop before the tour enters Quezon proper. At Casa San Pablo, the tour group is treated to a sumptous native San Pablo breakfast consisting of San Pablo longaniza—a smoked version and a hamonado version—as well as dried biya and kanin sa binalot with adobo.

Because it was the first stop, innkeeper An Mercado-Alcantara gave a lecture on the history of the coconut industry in San Pablo and Quezon. She also gave the participants a taste of the different coconut products produced from the coconut sap—like coco syrup, coco sugar, coco vinegar, tuba, and lambanog.

Casa San Pablo, a bed & breakfast in San Pablo City,  is the dieal breafast stop for an exploration of Laguna and Quezon cuisine.

Innkeeper An Mercado-Alcantara with Tina Decal, discussing other joint foodie ventures