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Southern Tagalog Cuisine at Casa San Pablo


OUR FOOD IS STEEPED in home-cooked goodness. At Casa San Pablo, we serve the dishes our grandmother Sinforosa Azores-Gomez used to serve us. At a pictorial for a well-circulated magazine, we were asked to serve our favorites. These were our choices: alimangong sinigang sa bayabas, kulawo (an eggplant salad in a smoked gata vinaigrette), and ginataang hipon (small freshwater shrimp harvested from one of our seven lakes and cooked in gata until the coco oil seeps out of the cream.

If you'd like a taste of the best of our traditional San Pablo dishes, let us know. These highlights of our cuisine are part of the menu options you can choose from when you book ahead of time for overnight guests.

Casa San Pablo is a bed & breakfast (B&B) in San Pablo City, Laguna.

Alimangong sinigang sa bayabas. Southern Tagalog cooking at Casa San Pablo.
Kulawo, eggplant salad in a smoked gata vinaigrette, a unique dish from San Pablo City
Ginataang hipon, freshly caught from one of San Pablo's seven lakes and then cooked in cocnut milk.