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Family Day Pottery Workshop


BECAUSE IT WAS a long weekend, we had a special run of our Casa San Pablo clay workshop on August 10, 2013. Three families joined us for the session which introduced the participants to clay storyteller doll-making. Using air-dry terracotta clay, innkeeper and clay artisan An Mercado-Alcantara taught the participants the basic techniques of pinching, coiling, and slabbing to create little figures that tell a story. The workshop was intended not only to pass on the clay skills but also to draw our stories that each participant would like to share. The kids quickly took to the activity and were quite creative with their figures. 

What we found so amazing with the workshop was two of the families turned out to be long lost friends. The workshop then became a bonding session as the family members swapped stories and made up for lost time, all in the easy, playful atmosphere of the workshop. This is not the first time this has happened at Casa San Pablo. There have been numerous times before when old friends serendipitously rediscover each other in our little inn.

Clay creativity workshops can be arranged for groups of at least five (5) participants. The clay workshops have also been applied to team building objectives and organizational corporate workshops. Join one of Casa San Pablo's Clay Creativity Workshop soon at San Pablo City, Laguna.