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Land Rover Club of the Philippines Tours The Seven Lakes


THE IDEA WAS SPARKED when Lory Tan, a long-time friend of Casa San Pablo and president of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), posted a satellite photo of the seven lakes of San Pablo on Facebook. Seeing the post, Leo Dominguez of the Land Rover Club was intrigued and thought it a good idea to explore on their 4x4s. Some weeks later, a caravan of seven Land Rovers rolled out of Casa San Pablo with motorcycle patrol escorts and a crew from our inn ready to discover the crater lakes. The tour was custom-planned by innkeepers Boots and An Alcantara.

Tapping the services of San Pablo-born environmental activist Arvin Carandang, who regularly makes the rounds of the lakes, CSP plotted out the itinerary, identified the stops, made food arrangements, and organized safety and security personnel to go with the tour. Lory Tan prepared extensive reading materials on the origins of the lakes, the health of the eco-systems, the legend and lore of the lakes, as well as cultural influences on lifestyle and cuisine. The party was escorted to every lake by San Pablo City traffic patrol and were accompanied by Red Cross staff. 

What made the tour interesting was it showed a wide spectrum of lake communities—from poor communities living on the steep and narrow embankments of Bunot and Mohicap, to the lakeside homes of affluent families on Palakpakin and Sampalok lake, as well as to the empowered community of Lake Pandin, where the women have organized themselves into a successful eco-tourism cooperative. As they moved from lake to lake, the guests posed for pictures where they used their fingers to show how many lakes they have seen.

A highlight of the tour was the stop at Lake Pandin where they took a raft ride across the lake, ate lunch on the raft, and swam in the lake.

Each of the seven lakes are within 20-30 minutes of Casa San Pablo. Tours have to be booked in advance.