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Bit By Bit


THROUGH THE YEARS, we've had our fair share of broken plates at the inn. And because some of the plates we started the B&B with came from our home collection, some wedding gifts, and early starter sets, my heart breaks with them when they fall and shatter. So I asked our staff to store the broken pieces. One day, I told them, we would turn these into something nice again. And now the day has come.

We're turning the broken plates into a playful floor accent at the entry of our still-evolving junk garden. It's a quirky yet meaningful display. The metaphors this will evoke are many: discovering beauty in life's broken pieces, healing our broken pieces, putting ourselves back together bit by bit. Powerful, yes. And all of those I want to convey, after all, we've had our fair share of picking up shattered hopes, too. But I am coming from a far simpler place. I just want to say: "Walang sayang. Huwag maghinayang."

Throw away regret, nothing goes to waste. All we need is a fresh perspective.

All set to start our mosaic project which will be the entrance to our Casa San Pablo Junk Garden.
After breaking the plates and tiles into small pieces, we then put them back together in playful patterns.
Sam gets in on the fun. If you do this at home, be sure to protect your eyes. We put the plates inside a sack before hammering.
After a couple of days' work, look at what we made. Now you can walk on broken plates.