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Casa San Pablo Clay Creativity Workshop

Casa San Pablo storyteller dolls are created by innkeeper An Mercado Alcantara who shares the craft for teambuilding

THREE OF THE GREATEST challenges to creativity are not being able to take risks, to silence our inner critic, and to enter into a spirit of play. At the Casa San Pablo Clay Creativity Workshops, you can turn a fun and relaxing session with clay into an opportunity to identify how to overcome these blocks and to unleash the creative forces in your team.

You will learn how to make clay storyteller dolls and listening dolls. These are clay figures originally from Native American pueblo artisans and now created with Filipino flavor at Casa San Pablo. A storyteller doll is a representation of one who tells stories to children gathered around him or her. This is wisdom being passed on and received. For the creativity workshop, the listener dolls will be used as a powerful symbol of creativity within us.

Woven into the process of creating the dolls are three learning games that will help the participants identify their blocks and practice how to work through them.

Learning Outcomes

During the workshop the participants will:

·      Learn how to make listening dolls using air-drying terracotta clay

·      Become aware that creative ideas spring from a willingness to make mistakes

·      Listen for the voices of their shadow artist (inner critic)

·      Get in touch with their inner child artist at play

Workshop Format

The workshop will use a combination of interactive lectures, games, hands-on activity, and group sharing. We will be in a large training hall with participants divided into groups of four for the hands-on clay activity. There will be long worktables.

Working with play is a fun way to get to explore your creativity and tell your story