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P&G Regional Executives Try Out The Native Cooking Tour


WE HAD A happy mix of participants from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Japan for our cooking tour. IT Executives of multinational P&G gathered together in the Philippines  and kicked off their getting-to-know-you activities with a culinary adventure at Casa San Pablo.

What made the tour really interesting was the exchange of experiences with their own native dishes. For instance, we were surprised to find out that in Malay, they refer to onions as bawang and to garlic as bawang putih. The lady from Mumbai showed off her skills at grating coconut on our native kudkuran. "I do this every day in India," she said. But different from the way we do it, in Mumbai, they do one more step after grating the coconut, they run the meat through a grinder before extracting the cream. The result is a thicker sauce. A gentleman from Indonesia shared with me how they use the left over coconut meat (after the cream is extracted): they toast it with spices like cinnamon and add coco sugar to it. The result is a delicious snack.

Our native cooking tour gave them a chance to get to know each other better and a bit about each other's countries as well.