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My terra-cotta storyteller dolls are a beginner's attempt at crafting
The idea for a craft retreat is the lovely Marielle Nadal's brainchild
Lex Reyes is the driving force behind the mission to map out crafters from all over the country

BECOMING A CRAFTER was not one of my early aspirations. I thought myself too butterfingered, too impatient, and hopelessly deprived of innate artistry to ambition to be one. To a certain extent, I still believe that. When I eventually chose clay as a medium, it was because clay allowed me to be clumsy and child-like yet artistic. Terracotta, in particular, is a forgiving medium and is endearing precisely because it is unsophisticated. Despite my own self doubt (or perhaps because of them), I have always been strongly attracted to crafts, especially the folksy and naive, and the people behind these. I am drawn to the rawness and honesty of folk art, as well as its ability to unleash stories about the crafter, their community, and their dreams.

When Boots and I met Marielle Nadal and Lex Reyes of Craft MNL, over shrimp and mushroom pizza in Manila, we felt an instant connection. We liked it that they looked at crafting beyond the Martha Stewart scheme of  "making pretty things," and saw crafting instead as a way to map out a community identity. It is a vision Boots and I share, this is what we intuitively do at Casa San Pablo. We draw from folk, pop, and contemporary art, as well as from nostalgia furnishings and decor, to evoke a sense of community, a feeling of belonging and remembering. This is also the spirit behind my clay storyteller dolls: we create them because they represent people in our hometown, and tell stories of our childhood. This, too, is the reason why we run our native cooking tours, to capture our culinary heritage. Our food, like our crafts,  remind us of who we are and where we belong.

Marielle and Lex sensed that vibe when they spent a a few days at Casa San Pablo. They resonated with the artsy energy and saw our creative intentions. They asked to meet us because they felt Casa San Pablo was the right place to hold their dream project: a craft retreat. We totally agreed with them. Three weeks from now, that dream is about to come true. Both Casa San Pablo and Craft MNL will be holding our first craft getaway from May 3 to 5, 2013. The weekend is called Cuentos: The Stories of our Hands. If you'd like to join us, register here.

It is just the first step. Our long term goal is to map out San Pablo's crafts and re-discover the story of our community through the work of our hands. In our quest, I might just find others as butterfingered as I am yet who are naively creating crafts that will be remembered long after the self-doubt is gone.

Our first craft-mapping expedition with Craft MNL. A trip to the lake Pandin community where we met a coconut-shell artisan.
Tell us your crafting stories, join us from May 3 to 5.