Bed & Breakfast

A bed & breakfast is quite simply a place to stay for the night with complimentary breakfast. The place is usually a private home, often with a sense of history and heritage. Different from resorts and hotels, staying in a B&B gives the traveler a direct taste of what living in this town is like and a chance to connect, perhaps even make life-long friends with the innkeeper.
A San Pablo B&B

In our travels, we have always been drawn to B&Bs. We like how, even for just a few days, we feel like we have our own home in an unfamiliar town. We love getting to know all we can about a town from the intimate perspective of a family who lives there. So we chose to make it our mission to bring the same experience to people who come to San Pablo, Laguna, our hometown. — Boots & An Alcantara

What's New

Ugu Bigyan's Birthday Sale: August 10-11

THE MUCH AWAITED birthday sale of potter Ugu Bigyan happens this weekend, August 10-11, at his pottery garden in Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon. It is his custom to give discounts equivalent to the birthdate he is marking. This year, he marks his 50th birthday, so he will give 50% off on all his pottery pieces.

Kicking Off The Rambutan Festival on ANC


CASA SAN PABLO was invited by the City of San Pablo to join the newly-elected Mayor Loreto Amben Amante when he appeared on ANC's Dateline last Sunday, August 4, to announce San Pablo's Rambutan Festival. Only on it's fifth year, the festival is a thanksgiving celebration for the abundant harvest of rambutan in our city.

InterGlobe Technologies Explores The Elements of Teamwork at Casa San Pablo


THEY CAME IN TWO BATCHES with one shared purpose: to strengthen their bonds and to explore how they could work better as a team.

Fabulous Fashion Spread by Metro at Casa San Pablo


METRO MAGAZINE, the premiere fashion magazine from ABS-CBN Publishing, put out a gorgeous spread on Casa San Pablo in their July 2013 issue. They created an off-the-beaten-path vibe in their story through their exquisite fashion pieces and by choosing spots at CSP that would make their photos pop. We are delighted to see the little corners they chose to highlight.

Pioneers in Education for the Deaf at Casa San Pablo


THEY'VE TAKEN ON the lofty mission of creating a learner-centered educational environment so that the deaf and the hearing can work together for greater understanding, equality, and dignity. And they came to Casa San Pablo for a leadership module that rekindled their spirits and boosted their sense of mission. We were so pleased to be the choice of the De La Salle-College of St.

Sunny Sun Life


THEY CAME ONLY FOR a day but the team from Sun Life Financials had a very productive and cozy stay at Casa San Pablo. Choosing to meet at our conference room which looks out to the gazebo, they immersed themselves in creativity-based team building activities which they organized themselves. They found the artistic energy at the inn conducive for them.

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