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Just like Inay used to cook for us--there was something in the way she put flavors together that made us feel so loved. We lift your spirtits by serving up hometown-inspired, uncomplicated and delicious meals the same way they have been served on our dining tables for generations. Made from the freshest ingredients at the morning market, home-cooked comfort food from Laguna is our specialty.

Southern Tagalog Cuisine at Casa San Pablo


OUR FOOD IS STEEPED in home-cooked goodness. At Casa San Pablo, we serve the dishes our grandmother Sinforosa Azores-Gomez used to serve us. At a pictorial for a well-circulated magazine, we were asked to serve our favorites.

Homestyle Dining

Dining at Casa San Pablo in Laguna is a cozy, heartwarming experience. We serve native Laguna food, usually family-style or buffet. You may dine in our airconditioned dining hall or al fresco at the veranda. Overnight packages usually include three meals. Should you have any dietary requirements, please inform us upon confirming your reservation. Drinks are charged on a per order basis.

Breakfast, All Day Long

If you’re just passing through San Pablo, Laguna, but have no time to spend the night with us, you can still drop by Casa San Pablo and enjoy the best breakfast this side of town — any time of the day. Try our binalot na adobo rice, San Pablo longanisa with sinangag, crispy biya and champorado, and many more.  Be sure to call ahead to make reservations.

Dinner For Two

Looking for a romantic restaurant in Laguna to celebrate an occasion? Try Casa San Pablo. We can arrange a little dinner for two under our pine trees or at a secluded trellis. We will serve our traditional Laguna food and throw in a complimentary bottle of wine to cap your celebration. Let us know if you have any special requests and we will arrange a few surprises for you.