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New Year Casa San Pablo Style


WE HAD AN IMPROMPTU New Year's Eve concert at Casa San Pablo. It was unplanned and unexpected and that made it even more beautiful. It seems that the creative energies we stirred up all through out 2012 attracted a pool of very talented guests on the last day of the year. Some were old friends, others we just met that day.

Our Clay Storytellers Christmas Catalogue


WE ARE DELIGHTED to share with you our Christmas Catalogue. If there's anything you find interesting, just email us at We will send you our prices and help you order.

Developing and Empowering Our Team


EMPOWERING OUR CASA San Pablo staff to serve you better requires regular coaching activities and, occasional formal training sessions. Last week, we carved out three days from the busy inn schedule to learn how to crack numbers. Our kusineros joined our dining and front desk staff, as well as our resevations officer to understand how our services are priced and how to monitor daily expenses.

Pasko Na!


TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT we're lovingly creating for Christmas. A belen scene with what I imagine a Filipino barn would have, if Jesus was born in a sabsaban in our hometown. Paying homage to our little baby Jesus are kambing, baboy, manok, pato, and yes, daga.

There's still a lot of work to be done before these are ready. But we just wanted to share the excitement with you,



OUTSIDE THE SANTO KRISTO Church in San Juan, Metro Manila, where we live when we are not in San Pablo City, I have a suki flower vendor. I found her almost twenty years ago selling right outside the century-old church walls, her pails of flowers flushed against the wrought iron grills.

Lovely As A Tree


THROUGH THE YEARS, we've had our fair share of broken plates at the inn. And because some of the plates we started the B&B with came from our home collection, some wedding gifts, and early starter sets, my heart breaks with them when they fall and shatter. So I asked our staff to store the broken pieces. One day, I told them, we would turn these into something nice again.

Do You Blog?


THE QUESTION CAME OUT of nowhere, asked by a good friend, a Casa San Pablo regular, in fact. "Do you blog?" I had been asked that question many times before and usually I have a quick answer: "Not often enough." But maybe because he asked so earnestly, I had to pause before throwing out my usual defense line.

Staying True to Our Roots


SUNDAY AFTERNOONS, WHEN all our weekend guests have checked out, are quiet times at Casa San Pablo. This is when the staff comes together to learn from each other about what our guests' need and what we can do better for them.

Palayokan Fame


ONCE I OVERHEARD a rather animated conversation between two of our guests who were chatting at our veranda:

Guest 1: “Hoy! May pottery barn daw sila dito. Punta tayo! Tingnan natin.”

Guest 2: “Anong pottery barn?”

Guest 1: “Ha?! Hindi mo alam?!”

Guest 2: “Hindi nga, eh.”