Bed & Breakfast

A bed & breakfast is quite simply a place to stay for the night with complimentary breakfast. The place is usually a private home, often with a sense of history and heritage. Different from resorts and hotels, staying in a B&B gives the traveler a direct taste of what living in this town is like and a chance to connect, perhaps even make life-long friends with the innkeeper.
A San Pablo B&B

In our travels, we have always been drawn to B&Bs. We like how, even for just a few days, we feel like we have our own home in an unfamiliar town. We love getting to know all we can about a town from the intimate perspective of a family who lives there. So we chose to make it our mission to bring the same experience to people who come to San Pablo, Laguna, our hometown. — Boots & An Alcantara

What's New

Spend Holy Week at Casa San Pablo


Holy Week is a vibrant and meaningful time in San Pablo, Laguna. It is a good time to visit and experience the rich traditions of folk Catholicism that are still alive and well-preserved in our town. Our Lenten processions are famous for their ornate pageantry with exquisitely carved life-size statues depicting the passion and death of Christ.

Get Up Close to the Exquisite Heirloom Images at the San Pablo Good Friday Procession


The Good Friday Procession at San Pablo is an unforgettable experience of pageantry, piety, and family traditions. If you are spending Holy Week with us, we highly recommend you join us on our Good Friday Procession tour. The tour will include the following:


Rain or Shine


The weather was fickle. All day it would drizzle then stop, drizzle then stop. We set out our tables, laid out the jute sack runners, and arranged all the flowers hours before the reception, but then fine rain would descend silently, in fact, sweetly. So we would rush out gather everything up again—jute sacks, flowers, plates and cutlery.

A Creative Revelry for 2016


We promised an evening of impromptu dance, music, and storytelling to send off the old and welcome the new year at Casa San Pablo. And boy, did we have a splash. For an hour and a half, we were treated to heartfelt, spontaneous performances from artist friends, as well as from guests who jumped into the fun with their own creative gigs.

Have an Outdoor Movie Valentine Date


Let us take you back to the old world romance of drive in movies this Valentine's day. Imagine enjoying a lovey-dovey movie under the stars. We will set up hammocks, mats, and big fluffy pillows in our pine garden, so you can snuggle up as you watch a romance flick. We'll even serve up some gourmet pop corn.

Have A 'Make Your Own Clay Storyteller' Valentine Date


Try something new together for Valentine's day! Come try your hand at shaping clay and telling your love story through it. Playing with clay can be oh-so-fun and oh-so-revealing (wink! wink!). We'll set you up so that you can create your own terracotta clay storytellers or paint a Valentine's pot together. It will be a creative new way of getting to know each other.

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